About ABP

Blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day and is not steady 24 hours. Generally we get our blood pressure checked at a particular time of the day while visiting a doctor. The BP reading might not be accurate at that given time owing to reasons like being anxious, or caffeine intake before visiting the doctor or smoking, which may lead to you not getting the correct treatment.

However, through an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring system your blood pressure will be measured as you move around, doing your daily activities over a period of 24 hours or more, even while sleeping.

ABP is safe and effective.

At Apollo Clinic Zoo Road we are equipped to conduct 24 hours ABP Monitoring


  1. Wear loose-fitting clothes.
  2. Remain still during readings.
  3. Record the time, your symptoms, mood, activity and position in the patient diary provided.
  4. Press the button at the first sign of symptoms.
  5. Make sure the monitor stays connected while you undress.
  6. Avoid driving a vehicle or travelling.
  1. Don’t remove the cuff or take the batteries out of the unit.
  2. Don’t get the monitor wet (don’t swim, shower or bathe).
  3.  Don’t wear long-sleeved sweaters or dresses.
  4. Don’t use power tools or heavy equipment. Vibrations may disrupt the monitor.