The Holter monitor which was invented in the 1940s by renowned physicist Norman Holter, is named after him.

Holter is an ambulatory cardiac electrical test, which means its an ECG test while you are active. This test allows us to monitor your heart for 24-48 hours or longer to assess the speed of your heart or any abnormalities.

At Apollo Clinic Zoo Road we are equipped to conduct 24 hours Holter Monitoring

Holter Monitoring FAQ

  1. Holter monitors are designed to be worn while patients are on the go, and should not stop you from performing your daily activities. You can go to work, visit friends, and participate in other regular tasks while wearing a Holter monitor.
  2. While wearing a Holter monitor, you can do low impact workouts. However, keep in mind that more demanding exercises may disrupt your Holter monitor results.
  1. Get too close to high-voltage areas
  2. Get your Holter Monitor wet
  3. Get too close to strong magnets
  4. Stay away from microwaves, electric blankets, electric toothbrushes, electric razors, and metal detectors. 
  5. Be sure to keep Cellphones  at least 6 inches away from your monitoring device at all times.