Many people consider sugar to be one of the worst things you can possibly eat, especially if you are trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Sugar is addictive, toxic and fattening. Eating too much of sugar can impair the immune system, trigger heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Having sugar in moderation does not lead to life threatening issues but the problem is that most people over consume sugar which leads to weight gain resulting in unhealthy side effects.

Apollo Sugar Clinics undoubtedly spearheaded a management platform for this chronic lifestyle disease with more than 60 clinics with PAN India presence.

At Sugar Clinic, Apollo Clinic Zoo Road, we design structured care programmes for every patient, customized to individual needs.

We envisage in educating, investigating and empowering our patients through proper counselling and monitoring. Regular follow ups are done by our diabetes experts with patients for lifestyle modification through diet, exercise and proper sleep. We believe this enables patients to successfully self manage their diabetes.

We at Apollo Clinic Zoo Road, also conduct complete Foot examination and Eye screening for Diabetes at our Sugar Clinic.

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