Why Health Checkup?

We all know prevention is always better than cure. We as individuals are responsible for our own health. An important thing to understand is that just because your body shows no symptoms or you do not experience any health issues, it does not indicate your health is alright. The best way to recognize the status of your health and trying to listen what your body is telling you is by doing a preventive health checkup.

So what are we trying to prevent?

By doing a health check up, we can prevent the build up of non-communicable diseases which result from unhealthy lifestyle and are the major killers these days. Primarily a health checkup will make you understand the present condition of your body, identify the killer diseases early, so that you know what needs to be done to prevent these diseases or lessen its effects on you. Early detection thereon can have early treatment and lesser mortality.

Today’s fast paced life does not allow us to lead a healthy lifestyle or eat healthy food. We hardly have time to exercise or spend quality time with family and friends. And to combat stress, people get into the habit of smoking and consuming alcohol. An unhealthy lifestyle like this will lead to a variety of lifestyle related diseases.

A health checkup will not only detect these diseases, but will allow you to understand the changes you have to make in your current lifestyle to have a healthy and disease free body. You can set your health goals and work on achieving a healthier and better you. In the process you will gain control over your body and mind.

It is not how long you live but what matter is, how well you live.

Health Checkup services we offer


The most basic health check up you can do anytime of the day at your own convenient time and location within Guwahati.


Monitoring your vitals will give the doctor and you a chance to see what habits need to be changed or stopped to make sure that you will not be at risk for an illness.


A child health check up will make sure that your child is healthy and can prevent any possible disorder that can affect their health before they even happen.


Detecting diabetes at the initial stage is only possible through a diabetes check-up, through which you can take precautionary measures.


A routine heart health screening is an important part of preventive healthcare for adults.Manage your risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high total cholesterol or high blood glucose, by getting a cardiovascular screening.


A vital health assessment which not only provides you with all the basic tests but help in detecting potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases early if any; and its prevention and cure there on.


A full body check up twice a year can definitely help you to stay away from disease. This test reveals the true side of your health and helps to detect the risks if any.


A Whole Body Check Up can detect potentially life-threatening health conditions or diseases at an early stage thus reducing the risk of undergoing surgeries and other chronic medical conditions. It increases chances of making the treatment more effective.


Comprehensive health checkup includes a number of clinical tests to assess the overall health of your vital organs and metabolism to identify any early symptoms of diseases to manage individual health better. You have a chance to see what habits need to be changed or stopped to make sure that you will not be at risk for an illness.


A significant evaluation of health for soon-to-be married couples to test themselves for genetic, infectious and transmissible diseases, thereby preventing risk of transmitting any disease to each other and their children.

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Our Focus

Primary Healthcare

Primary Health Care is the foundation of health care system and is often the first point of contact people have with a health care provider when they have a health concern. Apollo Clinic Zoo Road aims at providing a strong primary health care system and high quality care delivered by a team of health professionals that meets the needs of patient and their families of all ages.

Know your Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Take steps today to lower your risk of heart disease. To help prevent heart disease, you can:

*Eat healthy.
*Get active.
*Stay at a healthy weight.
*Quit smoking and stay away from   secondhand smoke.
*Control your cholesterol and blood pressure.
*Drink alcohol only in moderation.
*Manage stress.

Sugar Clinic

Apollo Clinic Zoo Road SUGAR CLINIC is a one-stop centre catering to end-to-end needs of diabetic and pre-diabetic population, which focus on patient empowerment, offering an integrated disease management program ensuring compliance to providing benchmarking in the treatment & management of diabetes.