Corporate Health Checks

Excessive absenteeism of employees, on account of ill-health, can seriously impact an organization’s productivity. It also adversely affects team morale and even the bottom line.

Absenteeism can cause a drain on finances, owning to overtime paid to cover absent employees and costs to train replacements. Of course, the repercussions on quality are incalculable.

Apollo, the first name in healthcare, invites you to join hands with it to improve employee health, give a fillip to loyalty and enhance your organization’s productivity.

Why AHLL for Corporates?

As a smart employer, you know that there is a direct correlation between employee health and workplace productivity. By partnering with Apollo Clinic Dispur, you can reduce the burden of absenteeism, due to ill-health, on the bottom line. Apart from this, Apollo Clinic Dispur will:

  • Protect worker‚Äôs health against hazard at work
  • Maximize performance/productivity
  • Reduce Insurance claims & premium costs
  • Minimize production disruption time and, thus, save costs
  • Manage occupational diseases and accidents
  • Provide industry reports on employees health
  • Help to build a happier & healthier workforce

Today with the experience of over one million health checks, Apollo Clinic has emerged as a key player in the corporate health care sector. Over 500 leading corporates, across all segments of the industry, have tied up with Apollo Clinics. For their employees, this means ready-access to some of the most sophisticated medical facilities at over 64 locations in India.

The corporate services initiative of Apollo Clinic Dispur is to not merely providing world standard health care, but more importantly, bringing it within the reach of every individual.