Dr Bikash Bawri – Urologist

Dr. Bikash Bawri is an experienced and highly qualified urologist serving in Guwahati. With over 20+ years of expertise in the field,

Dr. Bawri has a solid reputation as one of the most reliable and knowledgeable urologists in the city. His professional approach and deep understanding of urological issues make him an excellent choice for those seeking treatment.

Throughout his career, he has treated an array of urological conditions ranging from kidney stones, urinary incontinence, male sexual dysfunction, and prostate cancer.

He is committed to providing the highest quality of care and strives to ensure the most comfortable and effective treatment for his patients.

His dedication to providing the best possible service has made him the go-to urologist for many in Guwahati. With his compassion and commitment to excellence, Dr. Bikash Bawri is the ideal doctor for anyone seeking top-notch urologic care.